HMD_2012pWarwik’s out-reach concepts and camp comprise our main instruments for offering an interesting, “live” history experience to the audience. We try to make impressions for all the senses.

The camp consists of privately owned tents furnished with tables, beds, furniture, tools, utensils and much more. Apart from tents the camp typically contain a small arena, an open wood-fired raised hearth for cooking, a common area under our Grand Pavillion with tables, the stands of the merchant and the barber surgeon (complete with replica surgical instruments) and finally an Burgundian Pavillion serving as exhibition tent for weapons and armours.

Our goal is to make the camp a true asset. It must be exciting and interesting for the audience to study and pry around in. The experiences are complemented by the talk-concepts we offer; here, the “autonomous” education is supplemented with active out-reach – an education – aimed at the public.

Our members are non-religious and non-political, and we conduct our business on that basis. Our interest lies with History. We all have normal jobs beside the Warwik activities, and regard the group as a common hobby and “project”.