Warwik-farver.jpgIn 2014, Warwik received two researchers from Roskilde University, Kim Esmark and Carsten Tage Nielsen. Using three Danish medieval re-enactment groups as study objects (Warwik, Ulvsborgens Venner and Middelalderforeningen Korsfarerne) they investigate how re-enacters work with the past. This also includes how the groups create history through their efforts to build equipment and conceive concepts for outreach.

The research is part of the Research Group on Recollection and History Utilization at the Dept. of Culture and Identity, which during 2013-2016 focus on re-enactment. The aim of the project is to study and describe how re-enacters work with the past. The hypothesis is that “history” is not only reported and produced by academics at universities. It is created in many other contexts with different goals, means and methods. This is true for movies, media, art, computer games, family memoirs, etc. Likewise, it certainly applies to the many groups which strive to vivify the past.

The project culminates with an anthology (fall 2015) and a common paper for a theme issue on authenticity in the journal Rethinking History (vol. 21., no. 2, 2017).

The publication of the anthology will be augmented by a research seminar on re-enactment.