Medieval Hunting Customs

Warwik offers programme-scheduled talks on the customs and practice of the hunt in the 15th century.

The talks are 30-45 minutes long and are held from a stand in Warwik’s camp. They consist of a display of hunting weapons and hands-on experience of e.g. arrow points, furs/pelts and bones from a selection of 15th century game. Different types of hunting and their respective traditions are discussed, with a certain focus on the parallels and differences in hunting rules then and now. The talk also includes the use of hounds in the hunt, game anatomy and behaviour, hunting seasons and the very interesting role played by imaginary (supernatural) animals through medieval hunting history.

Upon special arrangement, the concept of these talks can be extended to also include the slaughtering and cutting of game based on (very) recently killed specimens of rabbit, cockrel or pheasant. This offers the audience an experience of the overall arc from hunt to final cooking of these animals. The discussion will briefly touch upon the cooking habits related to game.

Duration: 30-45 minutes. Audience size: 50-100 persons. We use a mobile speaker system (no installations required).