The town of Warwik

“Warwik” is the medieval name of the town of Varde, located in Western Jutland (Denmark). Records of the town begin in the 12th century as Warwik or Warwath. This is a contraction of the words “War” (flat-sounding “a”) and “wik” which translates into “ford” and “cove”, respectively. The name refers to the location of the town near the Northern end of the Ho bay and next to Varde river. In 1234, Varde is still a small village. It gradually becomes the center of Varde Syssel (a fief) and in 1442 the town is granted trade privileges by the king Christopher of Bavaria. This happens in the wake of the 1439 revolt where hungry and angry peasants attack the castle Vardehus and burns it to the ground. The king promptly responds by dispatching troops to the town where the rebellion is swiftly struck down and parts of the town set on fire.