Open Tents

lejren2.jpgWarwik’s desire for authenticity provides opportunity for the group to display “open tents”. These tents are equipped with items crafted on the basis of historical sources from the late medieval period. The tents are therefore deliberately kept as wide-open. Typically, we aim at 2-4 open tents.

Open tents become part of the “museum experience” which the fair may impart to the audience. They grant an impression of the personal belongings of medieval people, as well as the surroundings in which these items would have been used. Every tent is a combined parlour and bedroom to its owners, and Warwik endeavors to clearly convey this sense of private space. Wooden beds, hay mattresses, furs, small tables, chests, chairs, lanterns, garments and pieces of armour all combine into an image of each inhabitant whether that person is a Knight, merchant, a nobleman or a common soldier.

The audience is more than welcome to step into the tents and get hands-on experiences along with the visual. It is Warwik’s general experience that open tents are strong attractions and basis for many curious enquiries – not least from children and adolescents.