Mercenary Duels

Fægtning_Aalborg_2015_smallThis re-enactment activity is a show which mixes lecture/talk with authentic fencing, carried out either in the Warwik camp or in a battle arena.

The headline is ‘mercenaries in the late medieval period’ and the fencing techniques (developed for duelling) which we know have been used. Warwik combines “live action” battle and weaponry display with storytelling and education on Danish warfare in the 15th century, including:

  • The Danish style of war
  • Army outlay (on knights, peasants and mercenaries)
  • Mercenary companies
  • Danish nobility in the 15th century
  • Mercenaries in a social context
  • Danish politics, e.g. during the reign of king Christian I
  • Financing a war

The historical material has been gathered by medieval historian, cand. mag. Elisatbeth Hertzum. The duels are carried out using authentic techniques developed by the German masters Johannes Liechtenauer resp. Hans Talhoffer. The source material is outstanding which enables medieval German-style duels to be fought even to this day with all its impressive facets intact.

Shows are carried out by Warwik soldiers and a narrator. The soldiers demonstrate the historical duelling/fencing techniques while the narrator provides the audience with information on said techniques, their use and the whole “back-drop” of warfare and soldiers in 15th century Denmark. As for the fighting, techniques are initially shown individually, then combined in real battle situations. For the latter part, modern fencing masks will be used as a safety precaution.

Duration: 25-30 minutes. Audience size: 50-150 persons. We make use of a mobile loudspeaker system (no installations required).